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In Focus: Best Online Beads in Australia

Beads are used primarily as making jewellery and probably one of the easiest things to buy online. Visiting traditional brick store is becoming out of fashion and many people choose to buy online beads these days. There are hundred’s of bead store and bead shop available online all presenting a vast selection of quality beads and offering vast variety.

I’ll try to review some of the famous online beads shops and my focus will be in Australia since this is an Australian blog but I would welcome any international reader to contribute and send us a review of internationally based beading stores. Please ask any questions in the comments section or drop me an email.
First up is Melworks online Beads shop based in Melbourne which is probably one of the oldest and my favourite store ?

Another excellent looking website for buying beads is Australia Beads and this website has excellent jewellery making ideas as well as some stunning beads on display. Soon the wedding season in Australia will kick off and brides will be looking for bridal jewellery for their special day and whether you are thinking of starting from scratch or buying ready-made bridal jewellery then we have some excellent ideas and resources for you.

Obviously, there are two approaches to going about designing your best jewellery ornament and you would need to consider a lot of factors when it comes to the final decision.

The first approach is to start designing your own jewellery item(s) and this will require at least some jewellery designing skills and you would need to know a little bit about jewellery making supplies and some of the tools which you would need to use.


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